Smart Sales,

Happy Customers.

Manage all your business transactions in one place with ease through our jewellery ERP software.

Amplify Business Profitability


Savings Chit Program

Enable hassle-free jewellery purchases for customers with our comprehensive savings chit program.


Loyalty Programs

Convert one-time buyers into loyal customers with enticing loyalty incentives at your jewellery store.

Multifaceted Business, One Solution.

Quick Estimation in Seconds

Effortlessly estimate jewellery costs, providing clarity and transparency to your customers.

Tailor your estimation printing format to reflect your brand's distinctive style.

Manage different modes like tagged, untagged or partially tagged products with precision.

Estimate the old amount instantly when customers exchange old gold for new treasures.

ERP Software of Estimation Data

Streamline Jewellery Billing with Ease

Make informed decisions with a real-time customer balance at your fingertips.

Business owners can authorize discounts to eliminate profit leakages among employees.

Customize the entire sales screen to perfectly fit your unique jewellery business needs.

Offer the convenience of multiple payment methods, enhancing the customer experience.

ERP Software of Sales data

Jewellery Order Management Redefined


Take Order : Seamlessly gather customer preferences and ensure precision in each order request.


Place Order : Foster seamless cooperation with vendors for the crafting of requested jewellery pieces.


Receive Order : Efficiently conclude orders with vendors through an automated billing process.


Delivery Order : Enhance customer satisfaction with punctual and secure deliveries of crafted jewellery items.

All-in-One jewellery Transaction Engine

ERP Software Sales Data

Scale Business Efficiently

Empower decisions with instant chit-status updates through our jewellery ERP.

Elevate sales speed by granting approval to customers to take jewellery home for family discussion.

Ensure financial control with the intuitive journal and contra tools for your jewellery transactions.

Conclude every sale with seamless and secure transactions for your jewellery customers.

Maximize inventory efficiency with a metal management system for precise stock management.

Scale jewellery Business Smartly.

Orchestrate your entire jewellery order process, from start to finish seamlessly through our jewellery ERP.

ERP Software Sales Data