Fine-tune Process.

Proper Growth.

Optimize data flow, streamline workflows, and personalize operations with our advanced jewellery operation software.

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Personalized Efficiency Guaranteed

Boost profitability in your jewellery business with our advanced jewellery operation software.

Streamline sales commission

Infuse motivation in your jewellery sales team with our smart sales commission tool.

Designate sales discounts

Segment your customer discounts effortlessly employee wise using our sales discount tool.

Cash counter

Set up another layer to your data security with a personalized password for cash counters.

Workflow Automation Engine

ERP Software Work Management data

Automate repeatable tasks : Schedule mundane tasks in repetitive mode. Get more time for creativity and growth.

Keep customers informed : Send notifications to your customers through SMS, email, whatsApp automatically.

Know about the stock : Easily stay updated with stock notifications to never run out of items unexpectedly.

Automatic Updates : After a certain activity, a record will be created, updated, or deleted automatically.

Task Management : Once a process is completed, instruct your team on the further steps with auto-task creation.

Hassle-free data transformation

Data Management Simplified

Cleanse mass data: Declutter your data in a single stroke and update data in bulk.

Migrate with ease: Import a database or migrate it from another software effortlessly without any data loss.

Data Management: Refine data, eliminate duplicates, modify information, and seamlessly transfer data.

ERP Software Data import

DIY Print Template Builder

Tailor each of your printing templates from estimation to sales to align with your jewellery operation workflows using our versatile software.

ERP Software Print template data

Accomplish more with less

Accelerate business growth by enhancing resourcefulness with our comprehensive jewellery operation software.

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