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Boost Performance, Boost Profits.

Unlock the full potential of your employees with our jewellery HRMS software suite, driving profits in your business.

Accurate Attendance Tracking

Experience seamless attendance tracking solutions designed for the dynamic needs of the jewellery industry with our HRMS software.

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Simplify attendance tracking through biometric integration with our jewellery ERP software.

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Track attendance through GPS integration for on-the-move sales teams in your business.

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Stay on-the-go with mobile check-ins designed for the fast-paced jewellery industry.

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Improve efficiency and security in your jewellery business with futuristic IoT integrations.

Achieve Employee Financial Freedom

Secure employee financial operations

Simplify salary distribution : Just as precision is crucial in crafting jewellery, our HRMS ensures accurate and timely payroll processing.

Streamline reimbursement : Our jewellery ERP solution simplifies the expense claiming processes for employees, leading to better job satisfaction and productivity.

Manage expense efficiency : Track and report every transaction and get crucial insights into your finances in your jewellery business.

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Manage compliance with ease

Tax Compliance: Ensure compliance with tax regulations and minimize financial risks and penalties in your jewellery business.

TDS Management: Efficiently manage TDS and streamline tax-related processes by eliminating errors in financial operations.

Payroll Compliance: Achieve smooth financial operations by staying compliant with payroll regulations.

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Inspire Employees, Drive Growth.

Efficiently manage employee records, enhance security, and foster transparency in attendance and performance tracking with our comprehensive jewellery HRMS software.

Comprehensive Profiling

Ensure your employees' profile information is up-to-date, including name, address, and more.

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Identity Manager

Personalize employees’ profiles with their photos and signatures with our jewellery ERP.

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Security Engine

Control user access with unique credentials. Fortify data security and safeguard sensitive information.

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Team Documents

Organize your employees’ documents in their portals to enable quick and easy access when required.

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Attendance Tracking

Promote accountability by allowing everyone to review their attendance and work hours.

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Performance Tracking

Empower leadership and aid self-assessment with insights on employee performance metrics.

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Motivate. Reward. Prosper.

Empower your jewellery team for success with transparent commissions and honest appraisals facilitated by our jewellery HRMS software.

Fuel motivation

Empower your jewellery sales teams with fair and transparent commission management.

Empower accountability

Let employees track their earned commissions on the real-time dashboard.

Appraise success

Enhance performance through a performance review dashboard in our jewellery HR solution.

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Empower to skyrocket profit

Maximize the profitable output of your employees with our advanced jewellery HRMS software.

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