An IOT Enabled Jewellery Business Software.

From stock to sales, here is your all-in-one solution to make your jewellery business flourish.

Jewellery Industry Challenges

Expanding Jewellery Store

Organized Jewellery Retail

Expanding corporate retail stores has resulted in reduced margins, emphasizing the need for efficient Jewellery Software.

Convenient Shopping

Convenience Shopping

Consumers prioritize convenience and an exceptional shopping experience, highlighting the importance of top-tier Jewellery Software.

Shopping Experience

Jewellery Buyer Needs

Changing lifestyles prompt consumers to seek more designs, emphasizing the need for top-notch Jewellery Software.

Sales Neuron's Solutions

An integrated, bespoke Jewellery ERP software crafted to address modern jewellers' challenges with precision.

Inventory Mastery

Never lose sight of your precious jewellery stock.

Omni Channel Marketing

Turn every transaction into a shining success story.

Sales Brilliance

Market your jewels as irresistible must-haves for your customers.

Operational Harmony

Manage HR, data, and software security seamlessly in one place.

Jewellery Sale ERP Software

Our Unique Selling Proposition

Experience a seamless journey from inventory to sales management through our jewellery ERP now

Bid farewell to growth blockers

Seamlessly manage all jewellery transactions in one place, ensuring effortless oversight without added complexities.

Jewellery Sale ERP Software

What Jewellers Say

Discover success stories and satisfaction from users of our best Jewellery Software, where experiences speak louder than words!

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Since we started using sales neuron for managing inventory, our work process has shrunk to less than half. There are no gaps and glitches as every part of the inventory has become transparent through how it is tagged and stocked at our store.


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RFID technology has remarkably enhanced our efficiency. It's like having an automated assistant that effortlessly manages our inventory. With fewer errors & increased speed, our team benefits greatly. Witnessing such positive changes in our daily operations is truly impressive.



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