Simplified Purchase Management

Make purchase entries into the software and vendor balance is automatically calculated.

Control the prices by automatically loading prices set by you against each vendor.

Most Powerful Order Management Engine

Take Order

Generate customer orders with all product specifications, images and approximate bill in seconds.

Place Order

Just select take order items and select vendor, and place order to them with details on two-click button system.

Receive Order

Receive order from the vendors and push to stock for customer delivery sending automatic notifications.

Delivery Order

Deliver order items to customers on-time with 100% satisfaction and generate bills instantly.

Smart Notifications

Automatic notifications to customer & vendors for order tracking is done ensuring 100% on-time delivery.

Personalized Templates

Create your own order templates as per your store requirements and personalize them for your customers.

Sales Neuron 

Contact Less Business. Guaranteed.

Engage with us to understand how you can transform your current store into contactless business store and build trust among your customers.

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