Discount Authorization Engine

Assign discount levels on bill level or item level for specific roles and control discounts given in the store.

Override the discounts with your password at manager level and provide discounts.​

Your Dashboard. Your Way.

Mini Dashboards

Get exclusive access to mini dashboards to get business snapshots for every customer or transactions.

Module Dashboards

Get customized dashboards for every module of yours and make informed decisions.

Charts Library

Create your chart metrics with dozens of chart libraries like pie chart, bar chart, donut charts, column charts etc.


Send SMS/Mail/Whatsapp to your customers and vendors from the comfort of your home dashboards.


Get real-time notifications on your business transactions like order due date, follows up etc.

Quick Actions

Add or update or delete any record on dashboard widgets for particular module.

Sales Neuron

Predictive Analytics.

Get customized dashboards of yours and make informed decisions to scale up your business operations.

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