Accept Online Payments & Go Digital

Home collection makes it easier for your staff to reach customer place, get payments and generate chit slips.

Provide online payment gateway to make payments and get it synced.

Advanced Savings Chit Features

Multiple Options

Create a variety of scheme plans based on your customer's needs in terms of amount & grams based.

Personalized Chit

Create customized scheme number based on the scheme , amount prefix as per your requirements.

Gift Manager

Complete gift management system so that you don’t lose marketing costs by giving multiple gifts.

Prize Engine

Surprise customers with prize each month for your savings chit and get more referrals.

Digital Application Form

Go digital. Get application form in digital format in seconds printed out with all information.

Chit Generation Slip

Generate chit closure slips in seconds with accurate closure amount based on the rules set for the scheme.

Sales Neuron

Minimum Efforts. Maximum Reach.

Reach your target customers from the comfort of your store and generate customer inquiries for new business. 

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