Our Story

 “Every idea that went along to become a successful business venture started with a vision to solve problems.”


Our journey dates back to 2014 when our founder, Arvind, witnessed his father, a traditional jeweller, reluctant to use software to manage the business because it seemed too complex.  Inspired by the vision to possibly transform the way the jewellery industry looked at handling operations, Sales Neuron, an intuitive, customizable jewellery management software was born. The main challenge was to change the mindset of jewellers who were comfortable with the traditional manual method.  With perseverance, all things are attainable and soon, a strong client base of 100+ happy customers became part of our ever-growing success story.

Every jewellery store is UNIQUE and so is the approach to its management. Diving deep into analyzing customer pain points, we developed our own technology platform that empowers end users to CUSTOMIZE every element of the software WITHOUT ANY TECHNICAL SUPPORT, thereby reducing customization charges & successfully personalizing the software to their business needs. This approach was widely acclaimed by our clients and encouraged us to explore other verticals like wellness & apparel.

Today, Sales Neuron is an IOT-enabled bespoke business management platform for the retail industry benefiting customers across India. Why settle for an inefficient stereotype when you can have YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR WAY!

Our Opportunity

Changing lifestyles have made consumers value personalization & more sensitive to a better user experience.

Complex Process

Tougher regulations have made managing business complicated & tough to scale.

Connected World

Customers engage across multiple channel platforms from retail stores to digital platforms.

Our Core Principles

Design Thinking

Integrate business, people and technology
to build world-class products.


Scrum to deliver faster, scalable products
to enhance experience.

Open Culture

Provide equal opportunity to everyone
to build relationships.

Our Journey

AUC Ventures started its journey with a vision to design world-class business management software. Our first version - A simple, easy-to use and secure jewellery management software was launched.

Twenty-five happy customers trust AUC Ventures to manage their business smartly.

Six companies signed up as Strategic Partners to integrate add-on services.

AUC Ventures is selected by Nasscom, India's Premier IT Trade Association as part of 10,000 Startups Program & we expand to Bengaluru. We are recognized as India's top 22 fastest growing startups by Inc42.com.

Sales Neuron launches India's 1st IOT-enabled jewellery management solution with RFID integrations & mobile POS launch. IOT solutions successfully implemented at 10+ mega stores across India enabling them to become India's first ‘smart stores.

Sales Neuron expands the team bringing in new talent in the form of ex-entrepreneurs and tech geeks. 300+ SMEs join the customer network of Sales Neuron platform.

Our Core Team

Our Core Milestones




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